Fine Dining in Miami Beach

In a vibrant city seeking to offer the hottest trends to residents and tourists alike, Miami’s restaurant scene is booming. It can be dizzying keeping up with all the new chefs, dishes and restaurant names. That’s why we made Eat Seeker, a list of our favorites, some brand-new and others classics. We’ll let you know which ones stand out and which ones to avoid, eliminating agonizing over where to eat tonight. Here’s getting you started with six of our favorites:


We don’t know how they did it, but we’re impressed. In a city obsessed with keeping the fat off, the Yardbird has convinced body-obsessed Miami that fried food is cool – maybe it’s their commitment to farm-fresh ingredients that keeps the calorie-counting away. We recommend the fried chicken and the chicken biscuit. Combine either with the best bourbon selection in South Florida, and you’ve got the best Southern thing to hit this city since it was pronounced “Mia-muh.” miami limousine service


The talent of executive chef Peter Vauthy has had us wowed for quite a while, in large part because of his perfectly seasoned Certified Angus Beef steaks and top-notch Italian menu. Red has something for everyone – we’ve already named this place the best steakhouse in Miami, but we think it also has the best tapas and donuts. For travelers heading outside of Miami, Red was also named the best steakhouse in Ohio Vacuum Sealer Reviews.


Even after South Beach flooding closed down some neighboring restaurants, Macchialina managed to survive the Alton Road Apocalypse. What this means for you is being able to enjoy the best Italian food in Miami in this casual Italian taverna where chef Michael Priolo serves house-made pastas covered in savory red sauces that aren’t watered down. With a rotating menu of craft cocktails, Macchialina whisks diners away to southern Italy with its rustic decor and authentic Italian food Miami Beach Hotel Reviews.


Going from hole-in-the-wall in the middle of a strip mall to stand-out concession stand at the AAA within just a few years, Nedal Ahmad has us wowed with his business savvy and culinary knowledge as he now has the hottest fast-casual concept in Florida. After his Toston burger won the burger bash, Nedal is looking to take this burger, and his savory bowls and pinchos, to Orlando, and from there to the rest of the state. Soon, this Toston burger and its unique combo of flavors won’t be quite so “only in Miami.”


Naiyara is on the must-eat-at list for true spice lovers, with its “don’t mess with me” kick to your taste buds. Here you’ll find sweat-inducing curries, noodle bowls that pack in more flavor than you can imagine, and jerky-infused whiskey cocktails for the adventurous. But don’t “sweat it” if you’re not into spicy; plenty of dishes on this exquisite Southeast Asian menu are available with little to no spice factor. Only if you dare to test how hot you can handle it should you request your meal be prepared “the way the chef eats it.”


Okay, let’s face it – seafood is as much of a Miami staple as the Cuban sandwich and an 18% automatic gratuity. What makes Mignonette different is the knowledge that sometimes the best food is done simply. For appetizers, try their selection of fresh oysters (Miami’s best) and the croissants served with lobster butter. We love Mignonette’s “plain” entrees, but we must admit Mignonette’s more fancy dishes, like the swordfish with duck confit, will impress you with their intricacy of flavor.